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Γαλλικός Παραλία Σύβοτα


Located close to the center of the village. The beach is sandy and has a café where you can sit and enjoy your coffee, maybe also grab a bite. The sea is generally warm.

Μέγα Αμμος Σύβοτα

Mega Ammos

Located outside the village, towards Perdika. This is the in beach of Sivota with many restaurants and café-bars. The beach is pebbly, well organized and the water is cool.

Μικρή Άμμος Παραλία Σύβοτα

Mikri Ammos

Immediately after the Mega Ammos beach there is Mikri Ammos where you will find both food and bar. It is organized.

Παραλία Ζέρη Σύβοτα


It is just after Gallikos. The beach is sandy, the water is warm and you can sit for lunch or coffee. There are also water slides for the kids or the grown-ups of the party.

Παραλία ΔΕΗ Σύβοτα


Away from village center. The beach is pebbly and it is fairly quiet. The sea is also warm and you can enjoy the view of St. Nicholas Island.

Μέγα Ντράφο Παραλία Σύβοτα

Mega Drafo

Leaving Mikri Ammos beach, towards Perdika, you will find Mega Ntrafo beach. The car will have to be left far above the street. The beach is both sandy and pebbly. There is a canteen which can offer you the basics.

Μπέλα Βράκα Παραλία Σύβοτα

Bella Vraka

Fantastic beach!! Be sure to visit. The beach is actually on the island Mourtemeno. You come to the island by crossing the sea on foot where the water reaches the knee. On the island you will find no place to eat, neither a bar, so be certain to stock up before you go there.

Παραλία Πισίνα Σύβοτα

Pisina (Pool)

The name says everything! It is located on the St.Nicholas Island. It is accessed only by boat. The sea is quite cool though the waters will stay in your memory forever!

Παραλία Ζάβια Σύβοτα


Zavia is outside Sivota, going towards the village of Perdika. The sea there is pretty cool. The place is organized. You will find both food and bar.

Παραλία Αγία Παρασκευή Σύβοτα

Agia Paraskevi

It lies after the Mega Drafo beach and must say that it belongs to the village of Perdika. The sea is warm and has an exotic element. There is a small island located a short distance from the beach.